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BCGREA Recuitment & Retention

The purpose of the committee is to develop strategic plans for the recruitment and retention of members.

Recruitment Funding Program

This program will help all the branches with their recruitment.  As we slowly come out of the pandemic, it will allow branches to jump start into their new normal.  They will be able to choose their own event or activity.  Something that they are comfortable with doing.

The Provincial Body will pay 50% of the costs, up to a maximum of $500 annually, for a branch that undertakes a recruitment project.  The program will start when the branches are ready.  Future R & R Committees can decide if the plan should be improved, changed or terminated.

Branches would submit plans in advance to the R & R committee, who will review and offer suggestions, making sure that the branch plans are in line with Provincial objectives.  Once approved the branches would proceed with their project.  The branches would submit claims with a description of how the event went.  This information will help the R & R committee advise other branches on future projects.  The R & R committee would review the claim and submit to the Provincial Treasurer for payment.

Some possible examples:

  • Retirement and seniors fairs. We could show the videos and offer a prize draw for new members that sign up.
  • Coordinate an event with an Approaching Retirement Seminar.
  • Set up a branch drop-in event, with a guest speaker.
  • Pay for lunches at meetings – i.e., any member who brings an eligible member to a branch luncheon meeting has both the member and guest lunch paid for (limit of 1 free lunch per guest).
  • Organize a luncheon at a local Provincial Gov’t office and invite all current employees to partake.
  • Holding an annual draw for new Branch members. Possibly a separate draw for members who bring a new member to a meeting.

Membership Survey Results

Suggestions for Branch Activities

General Membership

  • Subsidizing an outdoor activity. A pass to Butchart Gardens or other attraction.
  • Make the branch web page a source of information for members.
  • Participate in community events as a group.
  • A photo contest with prizes. Photos displayed on the branch web page.
  • Post recordings of your guest speakers on the webpage or Utube.
  • Offer outings to all members. Visit museums, wineries or dinner theatres.
  • Use Zoom in conjunction with regular meetings to allow members who are unable to travel to attend.
  • Supportive contact for members who are ill.
  • Newsletters twice a year profiling activities & information.
  • If your branch is in a large geographical area, then move the locations of your meetings.
  • Send new members a welcome package. Include membership card, swag, and personal invitation to the next branch meeting.

Branch Meetings

  • Free or subsidized lunches. Or free coffee and snacks.
  • Relevant guest Speakers. Maybe pay for marquee speakers.
  • Different prizes
  • Attendance draw. Draw a name from the membership list, if they are at the meeting they win a prize.
  • Travel subsidies to meetings and events.

Other Suggestions

  • Sponsoring a members senior’s team: lawn bowling, pickle ball, darts, etc.
  • Sponsoring a wreath for Remembrance Day.

Job Guidelines for Branch Executive Positions

Click to download Word and Excel files below:

Recruitment & Retention Committee

Contact the Members of the Committee below. View the committee Terms of Reference here.

Al Barclay
Branch 400 – Grand Forks

Bonnie Billington
Branch 800 – New Westminster

Wilf Brodrick
Branch 2100 – Langley/Surrey

Barbara Golder
Branch 1200 – Victoria

Brian Green
Branch 1200 – Victoria

Al Kneeland
Branch 200 – North Island

Larry Martin
Branch 900 – South Okanagan

Edna Park
Branch 500 – Kamloops

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