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We are pleased to announce that the analysis of the province-wide survey of the BCGREA membership is complete.

The survey ran from December 6th, 2021, to January 22, 2022. The purpose of the survey was to collect data regarding the activities that are a priority for members, and what communication tools and frequency of communications are preferred by members when receiving information from the Association.

The Membership Survey Report can be downloaded in two versions:

Individual branch survey reports may be found on the branch webpages. Find your branch.

View a presentation about the survey, which was given on April 27, 2022 at the BCGREA Directors’ Meeting in Prince George.

Highlights of the Survey Findings

Response: 2,858 out of 7,668 members responded; that’s 37.3%. Member completion rate was high making the census within
+/- 1.45 points and accurate 19 times out of 20.

You’ve spoken and we’ve learned what members value and want from their association. In summary,

You Consider BCGREA’s Most Important Services
• Representation on the Public Service Pension Plan Board of Trustees
• Newsletters
• Membership in advocacy associations

You Want BCGREA to Expand their Efforts to Include
• Advocating for pension and benefits
• Negotiating for member discounts
• Cooperating with related pension associations

You Would Like Your BCGREA Branch Offices to Provide
• Guest speakers on topics of interest
• Social connections (luncheons, goodwill)

Overwhelmingly, members request that provincial and branch office communications arrive quarterly via email. Understandably, some members over 85 prefer communication via mail.

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