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Annual General Meeting, October 20, 2021 (Zoom)

For the second year, the BCGREA Annual General Meeting was held over Zoom, chaired by Ken Pendergast. Presentations were received from Isobel MacKenzie, the BC Seniors’ Advocate; Mark Costales of Johnson Insurance; and Cheryl Anderson and Laurie VanWyck of Hearing Life. Treasurer Johanna Morrow presented the financial reports. First Vice President, Brian Green, provided an update about the new website. A vote was held on alternative logos for the association, with the final result being the decision to keep the current logo. Wilf Broderick spoke about the recent Council of Senior Citizens’ Organizations (COSCO) conference. Two resolutions were discussed and carried: 1) reduce the timeframe for submitting AGM resolutions to the Provincial Secretary from 40 days to 30 days; and 2) increase Provincial Executive honorariums by 50%. Discussion was held about the invitation to join the steering committee of the BC Health Coalition, and discussion will continue. The election of the Executive was held and the new Table Officers are: Brian Green, President; Vince Sherry, 1st Vice-President; Patrick Harkness, 2nd Vice-President; and Johanna Morrow, PSPP Trustee. Lawrence Johnson notified the attendees that Green Shield will inform members of changes to the benefit plan, particularly prescription coverage. Brian Green expressed thanks to the retiring Provincial Executive members, Ken Pendergast (President), Carrie Mulcahy (2nd Vice-President), Lawrence Johnson (PSPP Trustee) and Charles La Vertu (producer of “The Pen”). For more information, refer to the documents below, or view Isobel MacKenzie’s entire presentation by watching the video available.

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