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Privacy Policy Statement

B.C. Government Retired Employees’ Association Bulletin (posted 26-Feb-05, updated 21-Apr-2022)

Re: Your Privacy Matters

At BCGREA we understand and respect our members’ need for privacy. This note explains how we protect your right to privacy. And it tells you how you are in control of the way your personal information will be used.

What information do we keep, and how do we use it?

When you requested membership in the BCGREA, you gave us information about yourself, which we attach to your membership file. We may also need to collect information about you from other sources such as the BC Pension Corporation. We maintain records of each member, which allows us to conduct all the necessary business of administering membership.

In what other ways is information used?

At times we use third party suppliers outside BCGREA to help us provide the services we offer (for example, insurance companies and mailing firms), which may involve sharing some of your personal information. We require our third party suppliers to maintain the confidentiality of your information by not using or disclosing your information for unauthorized purposes or without your consent.

You can see your personal information

You can see your personal information. Just call our provincial office at 250-751-8814, or by contacting the membership chair of your local branch, and we will be happy to share – or correct – any information you have with us. If you are requesting to see your information, we may ask you to put your request in writing, and there may be a charge for such a request. If so, we will advise you of this in advance. We will respond to any request regarding your personal information within 30 days. If we need to extend that time, or we have to refuse your request, we will tell you why, subject to any legal restrictions.

Are there limits to how information will be shared?

Your identifying information (like name and address) and your highly sensitive information (like your Person ID number) will never be shared outside BCGREA or its third party suppliers without your previous written consent (unless we are requested or permitted by law).

If you wish, you can further limit how your information is used by calling our office at 250-751-8814. You can ask not to be included in any future communications about other products or services.

Our Service Commitment to You

We treat your personal information with respect and care, and we use it only to serve you better. Part of our commitment to your right to privacy is to make it easier than ever before for you to understand – and control – how your information will be used.

Your privacy matters to us, because it matters to you.

If you would like additional information on BCGREA’s privacy policy and practices, you can request a copy of the privacy policy contained in our Policies and Procedures Manual. A copy of this manual is also available through your local branch.

Re – Your Right to be Treated Fairly and to Have Your Concerns Heard

We have created a process for dealing with customer concerns and complaints. If you have a complaint or concern, we encourage you to follow the complaint procedure outlined here.

Contact BCGREA at 250-751-8814.

If further discussion is required, contact BCGREA’s First Vice-President and Privacy Officer,
George Bowden
T. 250-893-7423

Should you not be able to accept the conclusion of BCGREA’s Privacy Officer, you can appeal to the B. C. Government’s Privacy Commissioner, charged with powers and duties under the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).

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