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Welcome to the BCGREA

Our Association presently has approximately 9,000 members across the Province. We encourage you to read this information and to consider becoming a member. We are a valuable social and volunteer group. Luncheon meetings are arranged and interesting guest speakers attend the Branch meetings. Members of BCGREA Branches visit members who may be in the hospital; and they get together for sports and social activities.

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If you have a pension that comes from the BC Pension Corporation, you are eligible to join us. The BCGREA is both non-partisan and not-for-profit. Our goal is to obtain benefits for members and strive to safeguard existing ones.

We add value to your retirement experience by:

  • Being your official voice for pension and benefit issues with the BC Pension Corporation
  • Advocating on retirement and seniors’ issues through active membership in provincial and national associations
  • Standing as a proud supporter of our public health care system
  • Providing opportunities to share and socialize with fellow retirees through our Province wide network of Branches
  • Sharing trusted information on topics of interest via newsletters, e-mail and our website
  • Providing exclusive and meaningful discounts from a diverse range of partners

How to contact the BCGREA

To assist you to identify the Branch nearest you, open the ‘Contact List’ on the main menu. You may contact the membership person at your local Branch from this list. You may wish to download the application form (follow the link at the top of this page), complete it and mail directly to the Branch nearest you. For additional information, please call the BCGREA Office at 250-751-8814.

Central Office: BCGREA, PO Box 26067, West Kelowna RPO, West Kelowna, BC V4T 2G3
Phone:1-250-751-8814 | E-mail: | Web:

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Explore More Information About the BCGREA

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Provincial Executive

This body is elected annually and consists of a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer, a Secretary and a Membership Secretary who are appointed. The Board of Directors of the Association is comprised of the Chairs of each local Branch. The BCGREA Executive holds several meetings throughout the year and there is an Annual General Meeting held In October and it is well attended by representatives from all of the Branches. A Directors’ Meeting is held in March and each Branch sends one delegate (usually the Branch Chairperson).

Observers are also welcome at these meetings. These annual meetings are held on the Lower Mainland and arrangements are made to have guest speakers attend who are well versed on current topics of interest to retired persons.

Government Liaison

The Provincial Executive provides a liaison between the Association and the Pension Corporation, and keeps the Branches notified of current issues and changes that may impact on the membership. The Association Treasurer, Johanna Morrow, is a Trustee on the B.C. Public Service Pension Board and is the representative for all retirees receiving a Provincial Pension in the Province. She is well positioned to speak on your behalf.

Local Branches

There are 22 local Branches of the BCGREA located in most major centers of British Columbia. Branch members and Officers are qualified to provide new retirees with assistance in the complexities of applying for pension benefits, and may also introduce them to appropriate local services.

Eligibility for Membership

In order to be eligible for membership in the BCGREA, you must qualify as either an ‘Active’ member or an ‘Associate’ member. ‘Active’ members are all those who receive Public Service Pensions. ‘Associate’ members include all those who receive a Government Pension OTHER THAN Public Service.

Membership Dues

Active Members pay their membership dues ($20/individual or $40/couple) by authorizing the Pension Corporation to deduct the dues automatically from their February pension payment.

Associate Members pay their membership dues ($20/individual or $40/couple) by cheque or money order to their Branch Treasurer by January 2nd of each year.

Annual Meetings

All General Meetings convene on the Lower Mainland, usually in the Tsawwassen area, close to the BC Ferry Terminal. The costs of the Annual General Meeting and the Directors’ Meeting (and any special meetings that are necessary) are borne by the Provincial Body. These meetings enable the Branches to share knowledge, experiences and advise the Provincial Executive about matters that are of concern.

Pension Inquiries

Please direct your questions to the following agencies:

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PO Box 26067, West Kelowna RPO, West Kelowna, BC V4T 2G3
Tel: 250-751-8814 | Email: