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Webpage Guidelines & Comments

  • The idea is not to involve support staff or provincial volunteer time. Each branch is responsible for placing their order through the Branch Contact.
  • One member acts as a Lead Contact for joint orders.
  • Terms of payment & billing address determined by the Branch Contact and the Supplier, i.e. credit card or direct payment from the branch treasurer via e-transfer or cheque.
  • As we find appropriate items, they will be showcased for short periods. Hopefully the Branch Contacts will check back often and keep their branches informed. Random items will be chosen and listed for a designated period of time.
  • Each item will have a start date and a completion date, after that the item is no longer available.
  • Logo used on merchandise meets copyright requirements under BCGREA.
  • Please keep in mind the order is prepaid, and all sales are final.

Branch Contact

  • Places an order to supplier that meets the minimum requirement.
  • If unable to meet minimum order requirement, invites other branches to participate in an order.
  • Provides the billing info / address to the supplier for invoicing.

Merchandise Coordinator

  • Oversees the merchandise webpage. Posts and removes items.
  • Responds to questions and helps to facilitate the process.

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Item #1 Metal pen

Description: stylus tip in royal blue color with BCGREA and website in lettering.

Minimum order 100.  No end date.

Cost: $2.36 each + taxes & shipping

ABC Printing Unlimited Centre
2071 Kingsway Ave #305, Port Coquitlam BC V3C 6N2
604-942-7014 | Imran Harji:

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Item #2: Microfiber Premium lens cleaning cloth.

Description: Premium quality 6”x6” cloth in white with the BCGREA full colour anniversary logo imprint. Machine washable.

End Date November 30, 2022.

Regular price is $1.30 each with minimum order 300. With 10% discount our price is $1.17 each. Taxes and shipping extra.

Mohr Good Ideas
1875 Welch Street, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1B7
604-987-1988 | Vickie Wyner:

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Item #3: Insulated Cooler tote bag.

Description: Lightweight zippered top grocery carry bag in royal blue color with metallic aluminum lining & two self-material handles/shoulder straps. Size: 16”wide x 16” high.  Open slash front pocket with BCGREA logo one color imprint in white.

Minimum order: 75No end date.  $7.84 each in effect for 2022. Price subject to change in 2023. Repeat setup charge, taxes and shipping extra.

Mohr Good Ideas
1875 Welch Street, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1B7
604-987-1988 | Vickie Wyner:

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Ask A Question

If you have questions about the merchandise offers above, or the ordering process, please send us a message below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If we have more than the minimum order can we get a better price?

We have already negotiated what we think is the best price possible.

Will the prices remain fixed?

They should remain fixed for the sale period.  However, high demand and difficulties in restocking may arise.  If so, we will update the page.

Who are the Branch Contacts?

As they become known their contact info will be posted on this page. We will hopefully set up a Campaigner distribution list.

I have an item that I think would be appropriate for this page. How can I get it posted?

There is a number of things that make items suitable for our needs.  Please contact Larry Martin.