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All purchases must be made through the Branch Contacts or Branch Chairs.  We are unable to process individual orders.

The merchandise program has an annual budget of $2,500 for samples and expenses.  We search out the best suppliers and deals, and those savings are passed on to the purchasing branch. All items are sold to the branches at, or below, cost. 

Webpage Guidelines & Comments

  • The idea is not to involve support staff or provincial volunteer time. Each branch is responsible for placing their order through the Branch Contact.
  • One member acts as a Lead Contact for joint orders.
  • Terms of payment & billing address determined by the Branch Contact and the Supplier, i.e. credit card or direct payment from the branch treasurer via e-transfer or cheque.
  • As we find appropriate items, they will be showcased for short periods. Hopefully the Branch Contacts will check back often and keep their branches informed. Random items will be chosen and listed for a designated period of time.
  • Each item will have a start date and a completion date, after that the item is no longer available.
  • Logo used on merchandise meets copyright requirements under BCGREA.
  • Please keep in mind the order is prepaid, and all sales are final.

Branch Contact

  • Places an order to supplier that meets the minimum requirement.
  • If unable to meet minimum order requirement, invites other branches to participate in an order.
  • Provides the billing info / address to the supplier for invoicing.

Merchandise Coordinator (Al Coccola)

  • Oversees the merchandise webpage. Posts and removes items.
  • Responds to questions and helps to facilitate the process.

Merchandising Committee

Allen Coccola (Chair)
Branch 2700 – Western Communities / South Island

Bonnie Billington
Branch 800 – New Westminster

Larry Martin
Branch 900 – South Okanagan

Ask A Question

If you have questions about the merchandise offers above, or the ordering process, please send us a message below.

Merchandise Question Form
Please reply to me by:

Frequently Asked Questions

If we have more than the minimum order can we get a better price?

We have already negotiated what we think is the best price possible.

Will the prices remain fixed?

They should remain fixed for the sale period.  However, high demand and difficulties in restocking may arise.  If so, we will update the page.

Who are the Branch Contacts?

As they become known their contact info will be posted on this page. We will hopefully set up a Findjoo distribution list.

I have an item that I think would be appropriate for this page. How can I get it posted?

There is a number of things that make items suitable for our needs.  Please contact Larry Martin.

Custom Logo Sports Gear

If you are interested in bulk order savings on custom logo sports gear for curling or other sports, then please contact Larry Martin.

For those participating at the zone or provincial level in 55+ games…we ask you to consider showing your colours.  60 for 6, we have 60 BCGREA  white promo ball caps reserved for BCGREA 55+ participants and spectators. The cost will be $6 each…just reserve one now for pick up at the 55+ games in Salmon Arm.


The following items are available for direct purchase through your Branch Contact or Executive. Pricing subject to change.

Item #1: Life Member 20 Year Pin

Description: The pin is back.  New supplier same pin. 1 inch soft enamel pin. We have 200 pins in stock. No minimum order, while stock lasts. Click to contact Al Coccola and place order.

Cost: New lower price while supplies last $2.00 each with free shipping.

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Item #2: Regular Lapel Pin

Description:New item, new logo, same colours as the Life Member pin.  Great gift for new members.  1 inch soft enamel pin.

Cost: $3.00 per pin with free shipping.

We have 25 pins in stock.  Contact Al Coccola to order.

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Item #3: Metal Pen

Description: Stylus top in royal blue color with BCGREA and website in lettering. Minimum order 100 with free shipping. No End date.

Cost: $2.47 each + taxes.

Graffix Promotionals Inc
Apparel site and Apparel 2
Tel: 250-884-6652

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Item #4: Metal Pen

Description: Stylus tip in royal blue color with BCGREA and website in lettering. Minimum order 100. End date May 31st, 2024.

Cost: $2.36 each plus taxes and shipping.

ABC Printing Unlimited Centre
2071 Kingsway Ave #305, Port Coquitlam BC V3C 6N2
604-942-7014 | Imran Harji:

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Item #5: Coffee Mugs

Description: Custom Mugs

Size: 11oz
Mug Color: White
Accent Colours: White
Designable Area: 2-Sided

The price is variable, free shipping to one destination with an order minimum of 10 or multiples of 10.  Discounts can become available.  Please email Larry Martin  for latest pricing.

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Item #6: BCGREA Special Occasion Cards – New Logo

Description: With special messages; congratulations, thank you, in sympathy, etc. Each card is handmade, so some variations in cardstock and patterns may occur due to supplies. An insert can be added.  All cards are 4.5″ x 5″ and come with envelopes. Sold at cost.

No End Date.

Minimum order – 5 cards and 2 weeks’ notice. Larger orders may need extra time, so please check with us first.

$5.00 each plus shipping.

Email Tammy Welch

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Item #7: BCGREA Large Decals

Description: Vinyl decals are approximately 3 inches high by 11 inches wide, with the BCGREA name in blue letters. Very durable, suitable for all hard surfaces.  These decals are permanent and meant to be a heading on meeting signs.

Cost: $7.50 each free shipping
8 in stock

Limited supplies are in stock now, click to contact Al Coccola to order.

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Item #8: BCGREA Patches

Description: Patches 3.25 inches high by 2.54 inches wide.  Black and blue woven patch on white background with merrow border, suitable for most clothing items.  Heat seal backing.

Cost: $3.75 each free shipping
125 in stock

Contact Al Coccola to order.

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Item #9: BCGREA Small Decals

Description: Vinyl decals are approximately 2 inches high by 1 1/2 inches wide, with the New BCGREA full black and blue logo imprint. Very durable, suitable for all surfaces, can be reused.

No End Date.

Price is $.45 each free shipping.  Contact Al Coccola to order.

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Pre Order Items

The following items are available if we can meet minimum order requirements. Contact Al Coccola to order. 

Item #1: BCGREA T-Shirts with Logo

Description: Ultra cotton ash coloured t-shirt.  High quality 90% cotton and 10% polyester blend.  Available in medium, large, and extra-large.

Cost: $11.00 each.

Need 25 shirts to place an order.  Please send an email to Al Coccola with the number and sizes desired.


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Item #2: BCGREA Tote Bag with Logo

Description: Tote Bag.  High quality 100% cotton.  Bag is approximately 15 inches high by 18 inches wide by 4 ½ inches across at the base. The strap adds another 12 inches in height.  Full bold logo with a black base and straps.

Cost: $10.00 each. New pricing TBA.

Need 25 bags to place an order.  Please send an email to Al Coccola with the number desired.


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Item #3: Golf Visor

Description:  Standard size with various colours.  Great for keeping blocking the sun on the golf course.

Price approximately $19 each. New Pricing TBA.

Need 5 visors of any colour to place an order.  Please send an email to Larry Martin with the number and colours desired.

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Item #4: Baseball Caps with New Logo

Description: High quality baseball cap.  Black or blue colours available.  Regular cost is $19.50 each, discounts available for larger orders, and at certain times. Need a minimum order of 6 in one colour.  A minimum order of 10 for free shipping.

Please send an email to Larry Martin with the color and quantity desired.

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