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Fraser Valley (Abbotsford)

Branch 100

Fraser Valley Branch News

General Information

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May 22, 2023

Minutes of BCGREA Extraordinary General Meeting and Proceedings of Workshop, April 25-26, 2023

March 27, 2023

BCGREA Extraordinary General Meeting

December 30, 2022

NEWS – 2023 Inflation Adjustment

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Seniors Discounts

A list of discounts for Seniors on car rentals, hotels/motels, pharmacies, restaurants, retailers/stores, thrift stores, and travel by train is available for to view or download to print at the link below.

Membership Survey – Branch 100 Report

BCGREA members responded to a province-wide survey in January 2022 on the Association’s most important services and efforts to expand, as well as services they would like to see offered by the branch.

The Branch 100 Membership Survey Report can be downloaded in two versions:

Membership Dues

$20.00 per person, due on January 1st of each year (unless by automatic pension deduction). Please contact the Branch A/Chair for the mailing address.


Download our branch’s most current newsletter and keep up to date on all our member activities.

Meeting Minutes

Stay informed about our Branch and the Branch Executive meetings by downloading the meeting minutes below.


Connie Capostinsky


Mark Perry

Membership Chair


Director, Phoning Committee

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