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The Branch conducted a members’ survey in the Fall of 2020 to collect data regarding the activities that are a priority for them, and what communication tools and frequency of communications are preferred by them when receiving information from the Association.

The Board reviewed the results and developed a number of recommendations that will direct our work. In summary the survey yielded the following:

  • 669 members in total out of 1944 responded to the survey conducted in December 2021. A response rate of 34.41%. This response rate is within +/- 3 points 19 times out of 20 and hence can be relied by the Board to act on the results from the survey.
  • There was not significant variation in the response rates from mail in survey and electronic survey.
  • The responses by age groups were not significantly dissimilar. 75% of the responses were from members between the ages of 60 to 80. Over 80 age group had slightly different responses.
  • Members would like the Board to focus on maintenance of pension and related benefits, advocacy for seniors’ issues and programs and services. Webinars and tours to local sites were identified as the top 2 preferred types of programs.
  • Almost 84% of members are comfortable using electronic communication methods with only 8% not using any electronic communication device.
  • Almost 75% of members prefer receiving the electronic newsletter via email.
  • Many members provided qualitative comments and appreciated the work of the current Board of Directors. 164 suggestions were received on how to keep branch members engaged during the COVID 19 pandemic. In addition, many comments were received on specific survey questions.
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