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June 12, 2023: Thanks to all of you who applied to this posting and for your quick responses!  We have designated two persons to perform the financial reviewer role for 2022-2023.  Thanks to everyone for your interest!  

Here’s your chance to help the Branch by reviewing our financial records for a few hours in early July. This is a one-time gig only with a limited time commitment but with much appreciation from our Board.

Details are:

The reviewer does not need to be a Chartered Professional Accountant but has to have practical or working accounting/financial knowledge.

The purpose of the review is to verify through a limited sample of all transactions (around 20 per cent) that, to the best of the Branch Executive’s knowledge, the source documents (invoices, cheques, deposits, etc.) are reflected accurately in the transaction log, bank statements, and financial operations summaries.

The review must begin in early July once all financial transactions for the current fiscal year (to June 30, 2023) are complete and be finished quickly afterwards, so that the Branch Treasurer can forward approved summary financial information to the Provincial Office to meet the Provincial Treasurer’s requirements.

We expect a time commitment of 3 to 4 hours to complete this work.

For further information, please contact Ed Forbes, Branch Treasurer at:


Thank you for your interest!




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