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Recently seven members of the Executive attended the BCGREA Provincial Annual General Meeting in which we had a slate of new officers.

Our congratulations to all the new Table Officers, but especially Brian Green who became President of the BCGREA Provincial Branch.

At the moment he remains as our Second Vice President, but that may change as we move forward with some interesting new endeavors. 

 The new Provincial Executive is:

  1. President – Brian Green
  2. 1st Vice-President – Vincent Sherry
  3. 2nd Vice – President – Patrick Harkness
  4. PSPP Trustee – Johanna Morrow
  5. The other positions are appointed by the President.

Johanna Morrow has agreed to remain as Provincial Treasures as well as our representative on the Public Service Pension Plan Board of Trustees.

Our Thanks and Appreciation to Ken Pendergast (Past President) 

  Carrie Mulcahy (Past Second VP) 

  Lawrence Johnson (Former Trustee) 

  Charles La Vertu (Producer of the PEN)   

The Provincial Logo contest was also completed with the AGM delegates deciding to stick with the blue Steller’s jay as our Logo.

There was a $100 prize for the logo contest, but as no new logo was chosen, the prize was awarded to the second choice which was a creation by our Treasurer, Tammy Welch.

Congratulations Tammy on both the logo and prize!

Lastly, Isobel Mackenzie, The Office of the Seniors Advocate for BC gave an excellent presentation entitled “Seniors Issues and Priorities in British Columbia” the PDF files you can view here. 

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