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Dear Members,

Seventy-five years ago this year, 50 retired civil servants formed the B.C. Retired Civil Servants Association. Nine years later the association was renamed the B.C. Government Retired Employees Association (BCGREA) to include retirees from government boards and commissions.

It’s interesting to note the similarities they faced are ongoing concerns in our organization today. It also shows the determination to improve the welfare of our retirees. This remains the BCGREA purpose.

To celebrate our 75th anniversary, we want to share your branch history in the 2022 Spring and Fall editions of The Pen. Do you have a story about your branch? Its creation, struggles, past and/or present executive, or a poignant moment.

Email your story (up to 500 words) as an attachment in a Word document or typed in your email message to:

Pictures are encouraged, but please provide high-quality scans of non-digital photographs and/or high-resolution digital photographs in jpeg or .jpg formats. Be sure to tell us who is in the photo, when and where it was taken (approximately), along with what happened to mark the occasion.

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Many thanks,

Victoria Branch Communications Committee

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