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The BCGREA held its Annual General Meeting on October 20, 2021.

New Provincial Executive members who were elected at the meeting are,

  • Brian Green, President
  • Vincent Sherry, 1st Vice President
  • Patrick Harkness, 2nd Vice President
  • Johanna Morrow, Trustee, BC Public Service Pension Board of Trustees.
We extend our appreciation to the retiring Executive members, Ken Pendergast (President), Carrie Mulcahy (2nd Vice-President), Lawrence Johnson, Trustee, BC Public Service Pension Board of Trustees, and Charles La Vertu (producer of The Pen).
Isobel MacKenzie, Seniors’ Advocate, provided a presentation on “Seniors Issues and Priorities in British Columbia,” which provided a lot of interesting information about many aspects of seniors’ well-being now and into the future. Be sure to look through Isobel’s presentation (click here for the PDF, or watch the video).
The Provincial Executive are planning to conduct a survey of all BCGREA members within the next few months. They are eager to hear from members about the priorities for the association.