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The table officers of the BCGREA have approved a $10,000 donation to the BC HealthCare coalition in
their legal battle against Dr. Brian Day and the Cambie Surgical Corporation who are seeking to
introduce for profit delivery of health services in B.C. The main court case around this matter was
decided in September 2020 by the BC Supreme Court ruling against Dr. Day. However, one day after the
ruling Dr.Day launched an appeal which is to be heard in June of this year.

Legal costs for the appeal are estimated at over $150,000 and it is in response to this that the BCGREA
has made its contribution. Our actions are consistent with our membership in both the Council of
Seniors Organizations in BC – COSCO and the National Pensioners Federation. We believe that the non-
profit provision of essential medical services is a core and fundamental value of Canadian society which
needs to be supported. We are happy to do so on behalf of the Association.

We encourage our members and others to become familiar with this important matter and invite you to
look at the resource material contained at

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