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The Victoria Branch would like to provide courses to help beginners improve their digital skills.  They would be held at the Silver Threads Centre located near Tillicum Road.  Students would bring their own devices- smartphones/tablets/laptops.

There will be three courses offered:

  • A course for those with Android mobile devices: a smartphone or a tablet (May)
  • A course for those with Windows laptops.  (June)
  • A course for those with Apple mobile devices: bring your iPhone or an iPad (September)

Each course consists of four Tuesday evenings, ending before dark.

Coaches will sit with two to four students to ensure they can keep up with the teacher.

There will be 12 students maximum per course. We would need at least 6 students to run the course.

Workbooks are provided for $6 to $15, depending on the course.  The cost for the course itself is $10.00 per student, the workbook is extra.

Coaches are provided with the workbooks for free.

Course Outline

The first evening would cover:

●Manipulating your device: Device controls, Swiping, Selecting, Grouping, Battery care

Securing your device:

● Connecting to the Internet, and different cellular plans

The second evening would cover:

●Using your camera for photos, scanning documents, and meetings

● Managing email. Emails with photos

The third evening would cover:

● Web basics and security

● Getting apps and browser extensions

The fourth evening would cover:

● Using online help: Youtube, Zoom

● More on security

To make this a success we need:

Ideally, 4-6 coaches to help students follow along with the teacher.

At least 6 students per course.


This is a great way to meet and share your digital knowledge with other branch members!

Please come and help our fellow members improve their digital skills in a fun and rewarding way!

Please confirm your participation at: