Welcome to the BCGREA!

Credit: Destination BC/David GlunsOur Association presently has approximately 9,000 members across the Province.

We encourage you to read this information and to consider becoming a member. We are a valuable social and volunteer group.

Meetings are arranged and interesting guest speakers attend the Branch meetings.

Members of BCGREA Branches visit members who may be in the hospital; and they get together for sports and social activities.

BCGREA Mission Statement

The BCGREA is committed to representing all members in good standing of the association that are in receipt of a superannuation allowance under the Public Service Pension Act of British Columbia.

Representation includes, but is not limited to, maintaining strong communications and negotiations with the government of BC, and Canada, on behalf of the membership.

Members in the association may also access the services and benefits that accrue through the affiliation of Companies and other associations having specific plans and services designed for the benefit of retirees in BC and Canada.

Credit: DreamstimePurpose

The primary goal of the BCGREA is to obtain benefits for our members and strive to prevent erosion of these benefits. Our participation has been successful in obtaining many benefits for pensioners such as:

• Extended Health and Dental coverage
• Cost of Living Increases
• Discount Hotel Rates
• Group Insurance Rates
       Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance
       Travel – Out of Province Insurance
       House (Residential) Insurance
       Pet Insurance

Our strength of 9,000 members in the BCGREA is important and because of this support, ensures members’ views and concerns are made known to the Pension Corporation.

The greater our numbers, the louder our voice. We urge all qualified persons to become a member of the BCGREA and to encourage other fellow government retirees to do the same.

Photo Credits: (1) Destination BC/David Gluns, (2) Dreamstime